Sysco-US Foods deal: What happens if it doesn’t happen?

The participants have discussed what they’ll do if the merger is blocked

What distribution options would be left after a Sysco-US Foods merger?

The federal judge hearing the FTC’s efforts to block the combination says his decision will ride on understanding distribution and determining what options would be left for foodservice operators if the deal proceeds.

No vote will be taken, now or in the future. Meanwhile, 141 labor groups have reportedly filed for an expedited union vote.

Forty-eight of the 50 states don’t require restaurant workers to have allergen training. But that may be starting to change.

Gov. Mario Cuomo had been a fierce advocate of hiking the minimum to $10.50, but backed off in a last-minute deal with his Republican opponents.

Congregations of 84 prominent clergymen will be urged to support a hike to $11.50 an hour.

A new city ordinance could restrict grilling methods for barbecue restaurants close to residential areas in the Texas city.

Is scheduling certainty the next battle in the labor fight?

The measure would protect restaurants and other businesses from parties who buy up patents expressly for the purpose of suing alleged violators of usage rights.