FDA clarifies its menu labeling clarification

Chain restaurants will be required to post nutritional content as of May 5, the agency affirmed.

Famed Chicago restaurateur gets prison time for tax evasion

Tony Hu, the "mayor of Chinatown," had pleaded guilty to hiding as much as $10 million in revenues over a five-year period.

A group of restaurant-chain CEOs offered their advice to the next chief executive as the race moved into the home stretch.

Here’s what’s at stake for the industry, how the parties are leaning on key issues, and which ballot initiatives are worth noting.

Noise about the election drowned out revelations about restaurants' surprising roles.

How easy is it to run afoul of wage and hour laws--and get caught? Ask someone in Austin, Texas.

The Silicon Valley city will hit the threshold three years ahead of the rest of the state.

A measure passed yesterday along party lines would grant restaurants and other employers a six-month extension to contend with the new regulations.

Passage of so-called secure scheduling would make Oregon the first state to adopt the restrictions on shift changes.

The new regulations pack a number of surprises, including automatic increases going forward.

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