Barbecue joints in Austin to face new restrictions

A new city ordinance could restrict grilling methods for barbecue restaurants close to residential areas in the Texas city.


This week’s 6 head-spinning moments: Fashion benders

Restaurants influenced more than food trends this week. Just ask those waifs in outlandish outfits who strutted the runways this week in New York City.

The settlement will avert the need for a ruling on whether employers are liable for franchisees' labor practices.

Forty-eight of the 50 states don’t require restaurant workers to have allergen training. But that may be starting to change.

Now Cook County is scrambling to identify means of making up the revenue deficit. One idea floated: legalizing marijuana.

Mayor de Blasio wants to give landlords a choice: rent at a lower level, or pay a special tax.

The participants have discussed what they’ll do if the merger is blocked

Restaurateurs will have a chance to comment on the revision proposed by the FDA.

Dire warnings led off a session focused on government issues relevant to restaurant franchisees and franchisors.

Proponents say the new law is a religious protection for private employers whose beliefs don’t align with customers’ lifestyles.

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