This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: No exaggeration

Some of the biggest developments of recent days seemed too far-fetched to be real. Trust me, they were.


ICE actions against employers double so far this year

Immigration officials have uncovered twice as many alleged instances of improper documentation since September as they did for the prior 12 months.

Restaurants found themselves knee-deep in the swamp of politics and social controversy this week. Here are the gloppy details.

The agency said that it might seek to formally define the concept in new rules.

Authorities are hunting operations that can't substantiate assertions of being farm-to-table.

The settlement also calls for hiring a "compliance monitor" to guarantee no bias comes into play.

A surprising quest begun by the industry a decade ago goes into effect Monday, with the focus on compliance rather than catching transgressors.

The #MeToo movement has fostered remedial actions from about half of businesses, but vulnerabilities persist, the report notes.

New York City operators push back with an angry-sounding manifesto for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Attendees of the Restaurant Leadership Conference were treated to a host of aha moments, including these.

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