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No. 3 distributor says Sysco-US Foods merger would be favorable

A Performance Food Group executive testified that the competitive stature of his company would be enhanced by the combined companies’ sale of 11 distribution centers.


Senate hands restaurants a big victory on labor front

A new general counsel for the NLRB was confirmed yesterday. Peter Robb is seen as much more balanced on labor issues than his predecessor, Robert Griffin.

Attendees of the Restaurant Leadership Conference were treated to a host of aha moments, including these.

Establishments are mounting a campaign to protect their tourism business.

A provision of the measures currently before Congress has the unintended effect of denying some midsize companies one of the intended breaks.

A measure passed yesterday along party lines would grant restaurants and other employers a six-month extension to contend with the new regulations.

Progress ran into some resistance this week, in part because of robots running amok. But reactions to the industry's harassment scandals showed the clock isn't rolling back.

Noise about the election drowned out revelations about restaurants' surprising roles.

Count Mother Nature squarely among the parties generating the loudest buzz, along with a hotelier in a new job and a one-time online bookseller.

Tony Hu, the "mayor of Chinatown," had pleaded guilty to hiding as much as $10 million in revenues over a five-year period.

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