NY looks to end tip credit

Gov. Cuomo has set a rollback as one of his priorities for 2018.

Restaurateurs’ guide to the election

Here’s what’s at stake for the industry, how the parties are leaning on key issues, and which ballot initiatives are worth noting.

Year one brought plenty of breaks, but also some frustrations.

Chain restaurants will be required to post nutritional content as of May 5, the agency affirmed.

Here's what went down and what it foreshadows for employers.

The brands, issues and developments that grabbed the restaurant industry’s attention during the last 12 months.

In a shot to its competitors, Panera petitions the government to improve food transparency around eggs.

But the relief could be temporary: Soda costs could be hiked by law next week.

This time, 77 businesses, including an unspecified number of restaurants, were alerted that all employees' I-9 forms would be checked. The demand landed employers in a tug of war between federal and state authorities.

The penny-an-ounce charge will extend to any sweetened nonalcoholic beverage, including diet sodas.

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