Poultry Profit Makers

Restaurants traditionally rely on chicken and turkey to be menu profit makers. Usually in good supply and always a good buy in relation to other proteins,...

Understanding Alternative Farming

History teaches that the decline of many ancient civilizations was in part due to non-renewable farming methods. Many modern farming methods appear to be similarly depleting our natural resources. At the same time, the world’s population is growing at an unprecedented pace. This raises serious questions about whether our present agricultural systems will be able to support this increase.

Where Asian cultures merge and mix. Pan-Asian is a term batted around loosely in restaurant circles these days, but the cuisine has long existed in its truest form in Singapore.

Take some tips from information compiled in three new reports from Technomic’s “Left Side of the Menu’ series, which includes the Appetizer Consumer...

Customers who ordered sausage for breakfast could expect standard pork links or patties spiced with a blend of sage, herbs, salt and pepper.

Mint’s fragrant freshness adds cool complexity to everything it touches. Although fresh mint is available year-round, its flavor is especially welcome in Spring—just when we crave a refreshing zing. These restaurants are maximizing this minty moment.

Peru is a land of contrast, a country that defines the meaning of biodiversity—from coastal deserts that receive almost no rainfall, to the rugged...

CHICAGO (February 16, 2011 - PRNewswire)—Consumers love tickling their taste buds with Italian, Mexican and Asian cuisine, so much that all three have...

Despite the efforts of health authorities to moderate salt intake, the mention of salt on restaurant menus has increased 144 percent in the last five years, according to new research from Technomic.

More and more Americans are patronizing restaurants differently these days, opting to make a meal of shareable appetizers, small plates, inventive bar food or coffee and a snack. According to Chicago-based market research company Technomic, only 5 percent of consumers are now eating three square meals a day.

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