PB&J Dessert Idea

Matthew Rice, pastry chef at Girl & the Goat, celebrity chef and co-owner Stephanie Izard’s inventive small-plates concept in Chicago, knows that customers like a mix of flavors, textures and temperatures in plated desserts and gives us a sneak peek at his creative late-summer menu addition.


Often the main ingredient in pancakes and biscuits, due to the rise of consumer interest in fermented foods and bolder flavors, buttermilk is being revived and reintroduced in several new and interesting culinary applications.

Tucked amid the horse farms of Kentucky is Josh Moore’s modest 10-acre spread that he cultivates for his Louisville restaurant, Volare. “Everyone tries to be farm-to-table today, but for me, it’s my farm to my table,” says the chef-owner. “We go from seed or seedling to plate.”

Globalization, plus the increase in consumer interest in food and a nagging sweet tooth, have pushed the desire for bolder and more diverse flavors beyond center-of-plate.

Choosing small plates offers diners the opportunity to try a variety of menu items and flavors—which, according to a recent report by Technomic, is what 70% of consumers are looking for in shareable dining.

Hominy is no longer taking a backseat to its parent, corn, or to masa, the ground up version of itself used to make tortillas. Ever increasingly, this alkali-treated form of corn is being featured in a variety of ways across restaurant menus.

Globally inspired ingredients are showing up across the menu, from appetizers to cocktails to side dishes. Updating sides with new flavors and textures is a simple but profitable way to capitalize on this growing trend.

July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday (July 22nd this year) is National Ice Cream Day, both officially designated by President Reagan back in 1984. From single scoop cones to drinkable desserts, operators are offering Americans many tempting ways to indulge this summer.

How do restaurant customers define value? While "quality for the price" tops the list, fresh ingredients and a variety of choices are close behind, according to a recent NPD report entitled Defining Value: Where Consumers Choose to Eat Out. The report identifies five segments of diners, the largest of which are not driven by low pricing and deals.

ROSEMONT, IL (June 24, 2013)—US Foods unveiled its new product line featuring seasonal favorites and fresh takes on a summer staple – the...