10 Ideas Worth Stealing from FARE

Here are some of the ideas, trends and smart strategies we heard that could help all foodservice operators, regardless of their channel.


Fresh thinking

These days, fussy consumers—and chefs—want local and/or seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu, often along with the name of the farm.

Sous vide—cooking under vacuum—may be the “hottest” technique to hit restaurants, but it demands prep and food safety skills which are lacking in most kitchen staff.

Sushi restaurants lead the ideas this week with no tipping and no kids. Chipotle lets its GMO flag fly. And a Wendy’s unit in Manatoba gets its big idea shot down by corporate.

Industry leaders gathered at a first-of-its-kind conference this week to draft a plan for turning healthful, sustainable food into more of a sales and profit generator for the foodservice industry.

Breakfast emerged as the humble champion starting with the 2007 economic downturn, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

CORAL BEACH, FL (May 29, 2013 - The Packer)—Touting fresh U.S. blueberries and California strawberries as key ingredients, Wendy’s restaurants are again...

Is “better pizza” following in the footsteps of “better burgers” as the next fast-casual star? Some industry veterans are betting on it, including...

Foragers are picking them and chefs are building plates around them—those curly green tops that sprout from the garlic bulb. Garlic scapes appear on the culinary scene for a short period in spring and the time is now to incorporate the tender, fragrant stalks on the menu.

When cooking for customers who have food allergies or are gluten-sensitive, you need to be especially aware of how you store ingredients and the prep techniques you use.