Finding sales and profits in a tough environment

On the second day of the Restaurant Leadership Conference, speakers focused on how to compete.


Union scores another victory inside Burgerville

For the second time in a week, employees of a unit have voted to become part of an Industrial Workers of the World affiliate.

The industry has added more than 300,000 employees over the past year.

Newly formed association health plans were struck down in a lawsuit filed by 11 states, but the National Restaurant Association’s established plan was unaffected.

The department has suggested that a four-part test be used to determine when franchisors are liable for the labor policies and practices of franchisees.

In the 1980s, executives remarked offhandedly that an increase would be no big deal. Not everyone sat back in passive acceptance.

The group that organized three units of Burgerville last year are going after a second chain, setting a possible model for organizing the sector.

The company told the National Restaurant Association of its intention to no longer support any push against mandated pay hikes.

The company’s new strategy aims to improve gender equality in career advancement.

A bad winter likely chilled job growth and put an end to the strong recent run of industry expansion, says RB’s The Bottom Line.