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labor costs


Court clears the way for servers to sue for full minimum wage

The decision could require restaurants to forego the tip credit for side work and untipped activities.


How restaurants are dealing with their labor problems

In this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive," Pincho Factory CEO Jayson Tipp and RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo talk about labor challenges.

The restaurant industry believes it has a better chance of keeping the wage break alive if it’s fighting a law instead of a ballot proposal.

In another victory for labor advocates, voters will be asked on the November ballot to establish a single $12 wage for all hourly employees.

New healthcare insurance options promise to bring down the cost of coverage for small businesses like restaurants, making a key employee benefit more affordable. Here, in layman’s terms, is what operators need to know about the new choices.

Operators weigh in on their plans, as well as their outlook on consumer spending.

The action seeks to guarantee employers can count gratuities toward servers’ pay even if the employees spend more than 20% of their time on side work.

Supply and demand don’t perfectly match compensation levels, according to a new study.

As consumers feel better about their finances, they’re eating out more often.

The Department of Labor will let restaurants pool their purchasing might to negotiate better rates.

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