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labor costs


Washington, D.C., votes to end its tip credit

The portion of servers’ wages paid by restaurant employers will rise to $15 an hour.


Push for higher wages to take place in Mass. this week

A coalition of labor, religious and community groups is planning a weeklong drive for $15 an hour.

Rates rose for both hourlies and managers, says TDn2K.

Though wages for several restaurant positions went up this month, the industry still accounts for five of the nation’s 10 lowest-paying jobs, according to Glassdoor.

Speakers at the National Restaurant Association's annual convention underscored how severe the labor situation has become—and how vital it is to foster retention by showing appreciation of the current staff.

In short: anything related to people working, including taxes, Advice Guy says.

New York City operators push back with an angry-sounding manifesto for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Employee turnover is up after teasing the industry with plateauing numbers this summer.

A back office technology solution optimizes restaurant labor costs by consistently finding the perfect balance of staffing requirements-to-sales projections, day-in and day-out.

When operators close their doors after a fire, flood or other disasters, they can lose more than just money.

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