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Why restaurants can’t find workers right now

A Subway franchisee helps explain the challenge in finding workers, and the impact it is having on their business, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


Restaurants continued to add more jobs last month

The industry added 187,000 workers in April as sales soared, but the overall economy added a fraction of what many economists expected.

Two-thirds of the chain's restaurants can't find enough workers to stay open all night, hurting its sales recovery in the process.

Industrial Workers of the World are repeating the organization approach that was successful with Burgerville.

The operators say graveyard sales barely cover the staffing cost. It's the latest indication of a shortage of workers hurting operations.

The casual-dining operator says that labor is its biggest challenge, and it's already feeling pressure on profit margins.

The casual chain says business is rebounding faster than it can hire employees to handle the workload.

New products promise to cast a wider net or find better candidates faster with the help of artificial intelligence.

A rise in vehicle thefts plus growing demand for delivery has created a dangerous situation, and drivers say they have few places to turn for help.

The company will require its 39,000 locations to follow a new set of brand standards for a “respectful and inclusive workplace.”

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