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A new crop of restaurants invests in staff education benefits

Check out three new restaurants vying for top talent by dangling tuition assistance.

Consumer Trends

7 trends that will shape restaurants in 2018

As the restaurant business continues to meet hurdles and headwinds in the current year, these forces will steer the industry in the next.

A proposal to allow tip sharing between front- and back-of-house employees has touched off a firestorm. Here is what the two sides are saying about the plan, which is awaiting action from the Department of Labor.

Take a look at your Employee Turnover Ratio. What is turnover really costing you? Can you afford to ignore it any longer?

The way Madeline Triffon sees it, "I'm just a high falutin bus person."

During my time as Chairman of the National Restaurant Association, I worked - and continue to work - in fulfilling the platform I outlined: Raising the bar...

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain with the heft of a McDonald's or an Applebee's or a Red Lobster could get a major food manufacturer to produce...

Newly promoted senior vice president of government relations, Jon Eisen, would be the first to admit that in unison with elaborating at length why his...

"Distributors are knowledgeable consultants, capable of offering cost-cutting suggestions in many areas," says David Ingersoll, the director of sales...

The appeal of the buffet is pretty obvious. They provide guests an opportunity to sample new and innovative items and to choose those which tempt their palate; most guests enjoy the adventure of discovering new delicacies without having to pay for a whole portion.

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