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Sexual harassment: Navigating the gray areas

A discussion by restaurant experts underscored both the challenges and leeway that employers face in dealing with the problem.

Armed robbery

In a recent crime spree in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California, an armed robber held up two restaurants at gun point.

A recent survey of chain restaurants uncovered a high level of food safety awareness, but foodservice distributors' attention to the issue could boost...

Micro-brewers may have originally tapped into seasonal fruit beers to tempt female patrons, but men are drinking them, too.

Blakely, who most recently served as vice president, e=Business and Baugh Supply Chain Cooperative (BSCC) supplier services, will be responsible for the...

As the calendar flips from 2006 to 2007, gazing into the proverbial crystal ball becomes an increasingly popular activity.

These days, the complaint is most likely to involve sexual harassment or wage and hour violations, say restaurant lawyers. It’s all too easy to run afoul of laws like the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, for offenses like mistakenly exempting managers from overtime pay.

What kind of setting should you choose for an interview? An answer to that, along with helpful tips on providing relevant information and choosing questions.

According to the BLS, union workers’ share of the workforce increased from 12.1 in 2007 to 12.4 in 2008.American Rights at Work (ARW), a labor advocacy and...

Menu development is a process aimed at crafting a menu that satisfies the guest as well as producing a profit for the operator. It is the responsibility of the chef to consider all aspects of the buffet, including the overall theme, the price range and the guest's expectations.

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