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Lawsuit questions legality of drive-thru-only service

An ADA lawsuit alleges that Taco Bell is discriminating against the sight-impaired at night, when only the drive-thru might be open.


Bartender arrested for selling drinks to mass-shooting culprit

Authorities say the server should have known the murderer was intoxicated, if not mentally unstable.

The celebrity chef says publicity over a sexual harassment lawsuit led to a sales decline and lost development deals.

Childrens' opinions are a powerful part of the dining decision, not only for fast-food restaurants, but also for casual-dining chains that appeal particularly to families.

Feel like everybody blames you for the obesity epidemic? Funny thing is, everybody doesn’t. It was four years of terror for anyone who ever served a...

Key actions to take to keep websites ADA compliant.

Without carefully verifying background information and references, the hiring process can go very wrong. It is important to follow a standard procedure when hiring and to dot every i.

Adopted by a vote of 307-119, the bill, sponsored by Rep. Ric Keller (R-FL), releases food-related companies from liability for an individual's obesity or...

Sexual harassment... those two words conjure up a myriad of images... interns, coke cans, big lawsuits, headaches the size of Texas. In the hospitality industry, we really need to pay attention.

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain like McDonald's or Applebee's could get a major food manufacturer to produce ingredients just for them.

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