Lawsuit questions legality of drive-thru-only service

An ADA lawsuit alleges that Taco Bell is discriminating against the sight-impaired at night, when only the drive-thru might be open.


Bartender arrested for selling drinks to mass-shooting culprit

Authorities say the server should have known the murderer was intoxicated, if not mentally unstable.

The celebrity chef says publicity over a sexual harassment lawsuit led to a sales decline and lost development deals.

Some of the industry's biggest names were smeared this week by developments that seemed too far-out to be true. That's because they weren't. Except for those court developments.

Key actions to take to keep websites ADA compliant.

The licensees will be party along with the franchisor to a class-action suit alleging wage theft, a weird twist on "joint employer."

The action could be a test of local jurisdictions' ability to adopt disclosure requirements while the federal mandate is on hold until May. Industry officials fear that restaurant chains may be subject to a patchwork of regulatory obligations and penalties.

Nightmares may not go away for years, as some restaurants learned this week.

Don't let a negative grade from the health inspector wreak havoc on your reputation.

Approximately 110 million customers' credit card or personal information was hijacked in the Target data breach that occurred this past holiday season

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