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Self-driving car doesn't shield Pappas Restaurants from a liquor liability suit

The multi-concept operator is being sued for $21 million for allegedly over-serving a patron whose car was supposed to drive him home.


Lawsuit questions legality of drive-thru-only service

An ADA lawsuit alleges that Taco Bell is discriminating against the sight-impaired at night, when only the drive-thru might be open.

Authorities say the server should have known the murderer was intoxicated, if not mentally unstable.

The celebrity chef says publicity over a sexual harassment lawsuit led to a sales decline and lost development deals.

In a previous post, we introduced our prepaid expenses system, which allows you to spread an expense over the accounting periods to which it applies, rather than it appearing in just the period it's paid or invoiced.

The course is designed for companies in all links of the produce supply chain to help them prepare for and defend against the havoc that a product recall can...

Bad reviews happen. And most restaurateurs feel—and essentially are— helpless against them.

SAN FRANCISCO (January 27, 2010)—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken action againstSacramento based Tony's Fine Foods in order to correct...

There is a commonly held misconception in the food industry-one that we run into quite a lot when attending trade shows and other industry-sponsored...

No matter whether you’re an experienced restaurateur or just starting up, it’s smart to have ready access to a lawyer—or lawyers, especially as your business grows.

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