Tyson safety lab to go 'high-tech'

Tyson Foods, Inc., has broken ground on a state-of-the-art food safety laboratory expansion that will more than double the size of the protein giant's...

Hire for attitude, train for skills

People don't change much. Especially their attitudes.

Spot check evaluations can help improve the performance of your staff. Instead of waiting for the big performance review, why not give them mini-evaluations over the course of the year?

Command control management is out. Top-down, authoritarian bosses have — or should have — gone by the wayside. What's new is FUN! That's right, fun. One of your top priorities of each and every day is to ensure that your team is having fun.

In a perfect world, your hostess would answer the phone and deliver an exquisitely stated description of your restaurant, provide clear and accurate directions, add the guest's name to the preferred seating list, and not hang up without conveying her sincere interest in making their acquaintance later that evening.

Proper management of human assets is often likened to team sports, where winning is usually accomplished by talented athletes who are guided by professional and knowledgeable coaches.

Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Great ideas are worth their weight in gold. And great ideas from your own employees are priceless. Unfortunately, we often don't give our employees and their ideas the acknowledgement and attention they deserve.

Everything is going great. Your staff is professional, talented, and dependable! Your customer base is growing. You've gotten good reviews. Profits are steady. You've made every mistake in the book and you've learned your lessons. So what's the problem?

When it comes to profitability, there is a seemingly endless number of factors to consider.

Most people get depressed at the thought of taking a physical inventory.