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The interviews are over. The offer has been made.

Let them eat cake

We think we're doing our employees a great favor by offering them free meals during their shift. But ask yourself... could I get excited about production leftovers, day-old menu items or a random assortment of low-cost like spaghetti or hamburgers?

When an employee quits, they don't quit the company, they quit their boss. An independent survey showed that half the people quit their previous employer because of problems with their immediate supervisor. No surprise.

It is imperative that your management and employee policy handbooks have clearly defined harassment policies.

The case studies below are just two of many cases in our court systems. They clearly show that things aren't so clear when it comes to harassment lawsuits.

Sexual harassment... those two words conjure up a myriad of images... interns, coke cans, big lawsuits, headaches the size of Texas. In the hospitality industry, we really need to pay attention.

Celebrations are important and holiday parties are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them and their efforts on your behalf. But...

There's more than one way to the top. A significant number of senior executives at top foodservice companies began their career as an entry level employee in the company. Yes, we're talking about bussers, preppers, and taco stuffers. Loyalty pays off.

Good promotion policies include job descriptions, career advancement paths, educational support and development opportunities, as well as performance...

Unlike most restaurant inventory, intellectual capital has a rather long shelf life if the ideas are sound to begin with. Over the years, we've updated the packaging on our standard products. The result is a storeroom full of odds and ends with great value.