Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment... those two words conjure up a myriad of images... interns, coke cans, big lawsuits, headaches the size of Texas. In the hospitality industry, we really need to pay attention.

Holiday hangovers

Celebrations are important and holiday parties are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them and their efforts on your behalf. But...

There's more than one way to the top. A significant number of senior executives at top foodservice companies began their career as an entry level employee in the company. Yes, we're talking about bussers, preppers, and taco stuffers. Loyalty pays off.

Good promotion policies include job descriptions, career advancement paths, educational support and development opportunities, as well as performance...

Unlike most restaurant inventory, intellectual capital has a rather long shelf life if the ideas are sound to begin with. Over the years, we've updated the packaging on our standard products. The result is a storeroom full of odds and ends with great value.

Training — lot's of talking — not much doing. But nothing can impact your foodservice business more positively than making a commitment to training.

Ever had a hangover? Worse yet, ever had to work with a hangover? Not pretty. You're achy, you're fuzzy, and you're definitely not in the frame of mind to give great service.

Is your host or hostess making a good first impression? By pronouncing the names of guests correctly, this impression can be improved. Try this idea.

I'm sure you've read all the statistics and studies on this subject. The foodservice industry is way behind the curve when it comes to professional development. Good managers who go unchallenged have only one choice: look for another job where they can learn new skills and earn higher pay as a result.

What's the going rate for a good idea? A great idea? We used to offer a penny for your thoughts, but I'm going to suggest that it's time to up the ante. A good idea is now worth $1 and a great idea is worth $5.