Everybody's talking 'bout

Training — lot's of talking — not much doing. But nothing can impact your foodservice business more positively than making a commitment to training.

Not now... I have a headache

Ever had a hangover? Worse yet, ever had to work with a hangover? Not pretty. You're achy, you're fuzzy, and you're definitely not in the frame of mind to give great service.

Is your host or hostess making a good first impression? By pronouncing the names of guests correctly, this impression can be improved. Try this idea.

I'm sure you've read all the statistics and studies on this subject. The foodservice industry is way behind the curve when it comes to professional development. Good managers who go unchallenged have only one choice: look for another job where they can learn new skills and earn higher pay as a result.

What's the going rate for a good idea? A great idea? We used to offer a penny for your thoughts, but I'm going to suggest that it's time to up the ante. A good idea is now worth $1 and a great idea is worth $5.

For many reasons, having to let an employee go is one of the most difficult and unpleasant tasks we face as employers. Situations leading up to a termination are always stressful on you, the employee, the rest of your staff, and even your guests.

Successful managers are good communicators... especially in the hospitality business! Yet only 7% of communication is actually heard, understood or acted on. What goes wrong?

The old command control style of management doesn't work anymore.

We want our guests to receive the best service in town...flawless greeting scripts...impeccable plate placement...perfect pacing...a sincere thank you and invitation to return. We want our servers to deliver that first class service. But is it happening?

Prioritize the most important things you have to do.