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Papa John's finds no allies in NFL attack

Competitors say they've not felt the football fallout Papa John's cites as the main reason for a sales slowdown.

Distributor envy

Is your broadliner going the extra mile for you—like these guys do?

Make the most of the new year with these occasions ripe for restaurant marketing.

Smarten up your staff without going broke.

More brands are aiming to exploit the niche between catering and takeout with big meals packaged for the holidays. The going price: $109.99 for a 10-person spread.

Water—whether it’s used in your equipment or served to your patrons—is vitally important to your operation. Today, being “water wise” means using...

Whether on-premise or off, catering can be a lucrative extension of your brand. But just as with the in-restaurant dining arena, the economic downturn has changed the rules of the game. Corporate events and high-ticket expense account dining have dried up. Weddings and other social events are smaller in size and budget. Fancy and formal are out; casual, creative and flexible are in. Caterers' new marching order: Do more with less—a lot less.

Bryan Lockwood and Barry Goff bought Freebirds World Burrito in mid-2008—just before the economy took the precipitous swing that now favors fast-casual.

Several culinary trends have converged to push pasta and rice out of the sidelines and into the limelight. For one, there’s the explosion of Asian, Latin...

With many commodity prices hitting new highs and food costs overall expected to rise by 3 percent to 5 percent this year, many operators recently raised the white flag in their battle to hold the line on menu price increases.

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