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Why business sucks—and what to do about it

Chains are blaming all sorts of factors for the softness in sales last quarter, but there’s some agreement on how to counter it.

Back to basics

There are both subtle and not-so-subtle service techniques. Some work best for fine dining, and some in a casual operation. But the basics work in every...

Neck braces were needed this week after chains signaled a major shift in their value strategies, Panera disclosed intentions to drop its one-size-fits-all mentality and Jack in the Box discovered a lot can happen in a minute, never mind two.

One of my favorite TV programs from the 50's was Amos and Andy, and the Kingfish was my favorite character.

Here are 6 stealable ideas from the Restaurant Leadership Conference that can help you grow and improve your business.

Fast Company is a magazine for, about and inspirational to organizations that embody the attributes that define the best ways to compete, work, and win. In "Is Your Company Up To Speed," from the June 2003 issue, Fast Company poses these questions to businesses who want to be "fast."

Here are some of the tactics the country’s leading independents—with revenues of $10 million or more—say have been most successful recently for building sales.

Watching the Tour de France is always exciting. I became hooked on the sport as I watched Lance Armstrong, the young American cancer survivor, compete for and win an unprecedented seven tours.

The funds will be used to buy new kitchen equipment and speed up unit rehabs.

Iced coffee drinks are a hot category this summer, with new flavors and varieties perking up overheated patrons.

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