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How to build buzz

It's the hottest, well, buzzword in marketing. Buzz. Everybody wants it. Not everybody has it. And to get it, best you forget the old lingo of media buys,...


The future of social media

RB's virtual roundtable of restaurant tech execs predicts the platforms and strategies that will spur engagement in the future.

Distributors describing themselves as broadline, or full-line, vary greatly in terms of the product lines they carry. Is it really a one-stop shop?

The chain said it was talking about business but may have given the impression it was insensitive to both sides in the controversy.

The U.S. Census Bureau now estimates that Hispanics are 44 million strong, or nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population.

The marketing play is the latest in the chain’s cinema verite-style of viral videos.

In its 2007 year-end analysis, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board states that the overarching food trend that favors small batch, homemade products and...

The chips will be available in May, with flavors based on the chain's sauce packets.

Poultry is the number one protein buy for a majority of qsr and casual operators.

Gallons of excitement are simmering in the soup pot these days. Although a cup or bowl of soup has long been a standard menu starter, restaurants are now offering more inspired choices and many rotating selections

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