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To market, to market

Marketing is one of the surest ways I know to build a successful foodservice business. With some careful strategic planning, you can build your brand in the marketplace and boost gross sales.


Mobile commerce grabs hold of takeout ordering

Mobile smartphone apps are quickly becoming the go-to platform for ordering takeout. According to a new eMarketer report, “Mobile Fast Food Marketing: How QSRs and Fast Casuals Are Getting Quicker and Faster,” more consumers are making their dining decisions en route via the smartphone.

In restaurants, the virtual currency is a novelty—for now.

Corkage fees charged by restaurateurs to uncork, decant and serve a customer's bottle of wine have soared to upwards of $50 in America's most popular dining spots. This is creating a controversy that has some people popping their corks.

Not only was branzino a new species for Bonefish, this was the first time the chain featured a whole fish.

How do you satisfy customer demands for healthy menu items, and keep your competition on the sidelines? Applebee’s Kurt Hankins scored big to win the dieter’s game.

Where else will you get a sneak preview of the Fajitaurito Bowl?

As Americans shunned starchy foods, potato farmers decreased their acreage, cutting supply to keep pace with lower demand.

The tongue-in-cheek announcement kicks off a new marketing ploy for the chain: A limited-time suck-up.

Charitable work is all well and good, but what exactly is it doing for your bottom line? You're giving a lot, but what are you getting in return? Chances are you could—and should—be getting back a lot more than you are.

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