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This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Strange sales remedies

Tough times can push restaurateurs to extremes in their pursuit of sales. Here are some examples of that unconventional behavior.

David Zebny's non-chain chain Z Square

David Zebny, the man behind Z Square, may have discovered an underserved niche between the bakery-cafes (read: Panera) and the casual dinnerhouses (Applebee’s, et al).

The industry needs to know how these issues will be resolved, one way or another.

How to get on the grocery shelf when your name’s not Puck.

The chain reminds its Twitter followers that its rival still has some frozen burgers.

Sometimes the ticket to growth is getting rid of underperforming property. Here's how to sell the right way.

Count on chicken and turkey to pack a lot of punch for your purchasing dollars.

Super Bowl Sunday was pretty typical for the guys at Firehouse Subs: another day, another media appearance.

A look at drinks—both spirited and not—to bring your list up to speed.Drinking up valueNo one needs to tell operators the importance of offering...

Culver’s, famous for its Butter Burgers and frozen custard, is heavily franchised—only nine of its 427 stores are company-owned. But to keep messaging consistent and response time short, Culver’s centralizes its social media efforts, monitoring Twitter and Facebook from its home base 24/7. Tweets and posts fall on the agile fingers of the internal marketing team with help from an outside agency.

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