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Spills happen

A recent dinner out included one of those accidents that guests and servers dread...the spill. While leaning down to serve my entree, the waiter spilled sauce from the plate in his other hand onto my coat.


Transforming the restaurant experience, one app at a time

Some of restaurants’ best marketing opportunities come via smartphone apps. The best of these apps enable chefs and restaurateurs to engage with customers in a low-cost discussion that can greatly boost sales. Or they can allow restaurants to fill tables that would have otherwise gone empty.

Make sure you are sending the right message about your restaurant. Sanitation can be helped with a monthly audit. Here are a few quick ideas about where to start and what to do.

ALPHARETTA, GA (February 4, 2013)—F.A.B., Inc. (Frosty Acres Brands), the national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent...

We think we're doing our employees a great favor by offering them free meals during their shift. But ask yourself... could I get excited about production leftovers, day-old menu items or a random assortment of low-cost like spaghetti or hamburgers?

Four luminaries of the restaurant and food industries took the stage at a Culinary Institute of America event last week to share their culinary philosophies and formulas for success. The quartet—Rick Bayless, Cliff Pleau, Daniel Humm and Walter Robb—was there to be honored with a 2013 Augie Leadership Award, a CIA honor now in its seventh year.

It's 4:00 PM on a hot Friday in August. Your frozen seafood shipment for the busy weekend has just arrived. Without warning, the lights dim, flicker, and then the power goes out.

RICHMOND, VA (June 19, 2013)—Performance Foodservice launched two key digital communications initiatives – a redesigned website...

Do any of these words give you a pronunciation hesitation? As food varieties from around the world become easily available, more and more unusual words appear on our menus.

How outsourcing tweets and posts stacks up against doing it yourself.

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