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Suggestions for recruiting and developing future foodservice executives

Good promotion policies include job descriptions, career advancement paths, educational support and development opportunities, as well as performance...

Restaurants Need to Improve Produce Options for Children

CORAL BEACH, FL (March 28, 2013 - The Packer)—More restaurant chains offer fruits and vegetables with children’s meals than they did in 2008, but the...

Proper management of human assets is often likened to team sports, where winning is usually accomplished by talented athletes who are guided by professional and knowledgeable coaches.

Kids’ menus are proliferating, and many chains have started programs expressly to address childhood obesity. But it’s not clear how much of an impact they might have on the one-third of American children who are overweight, according to speakers who shared new insights during the RLC on promoting childhood health.

We all have annual obligations that we dread — teeth cleanings, doctor's visits, tax preparations, etc. Performance evaluations tend to fall into this category of unpleasantries, too... but they shouldn't.

It’s psychology so well established that we all understand it: We want what we can’t have, be it a luxury yacht, Michael Jordan-like skills or a sugary treat.

I talk a lot about the importance of keeping your finger on the pulse of your operation. Getting timely information about your Prime Cost — food, beverage and labor costs — is the first and most important step to take.

In-house cooking classes have long been a way for restaurant chefs to connect with consumers. With the official launch of Google Helpout at the end of November, chefs and restaurateurs now have a new option to reach potential guests across the miles.

How many cooks and cashiers in a franchisee's system have gotten Christmas presents from the big corporate boss?

The industry’s un-conference provided an opportunity for the off-center to have the center stage.

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