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Getting in on the healthy dining trend

Give entrepreneurs a trend and they'll try to exploit it. Present them with a groundswell like America's heightened interest in eating better, and you could incite a gold rush. Why, then, with weight loss emerging as a major and potentially permanent consumer anxiety, are there so few health-focused concepts in this year's newcomer roundup?

Olive Garden is readying a line of breadstick sandwiches, chairman says

Jeff Smith had been a critic of the Italian chain’s signature breadsticks before leading a takeover of Darden Restaurants.

Buying soup. How hard can it be? Hopefully easier with a little help from us.

Eight operators are betting on extended holiday promotions to get couples and even friends and families in the door.

American agriculture comes face to face with 21st century challenges

A loudspeaker isn’t the only way they’re getting brand messages across.

Direct mail use is actually growing as marketers learn that email can’t satisfy all their needs and that consumers are getting pretty sick of an inbox full of spam. Worldwide spam volume doubled last year.

The casual chain is offering diners two of its Custom Built Combos for $20.

If you’re familiar with the Monical’s brand, it’s likely because of the wave of publicity the chain received back in 2003, when for a 17-month period it experienced zero turnover among management—a statistic that’s virtually unheard of in this business.

Guests can enjoy an order of fajitas with a cup of queso and two cinnamon-dusted sopapillas for $9.99.

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