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Get your products custom

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain like McDonald's or Applebee's could get a major food manufacturer to produce ingredients just for them.

Consumer Trends

Catering restaurants to kids

Beyond a carton of crayons and toys, operators have found new ways to provide contemporary family-friendly atmospheres through research, design and partnerships.

Putting pork on the menu used to be a pretty straightforward proposition.

Even mild griping can escalate quickly in the age of social media into a business-killing (or building) controversy, as restaurants learned this week.

From a pure public relations standpoint, going green is right up there with being trans-fat free.

Here’s how operators are looking ahead and staffing up for more digital times.

Five portraits form a multi-generational celebration of life in the family store.

Executives have indicated the product was an effective lure for new and lapsed customers, but felt the need to adjust the consistency.

Great ideas we've seen from the restaurant industry.

The chain is making chicken-scented valentines available at restaurants today.

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