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Cool color facts

Can colors affect appetite? How about perceptions of cleanliness and sanitation?

The waiting game

Busy times are restaurants’ bread and butter. But a busy restaurant often means hungry guests are kept waiting. If operators manage wait times properly, though, they can create positive feelings in guests and boost business. Here are some skills to work on.

Turn tables or sell desserts? It is more profitable to turn tables, right? Wrong. Try on this point of view and see if you can't improve profits at your restaurant.

For the strongest inkling of what will unfold for restaurants in 2014, consider some of the sleeper trends of late 2013.

One of the easiest and most successful marketing promotions is to invite guests to celebrate their birthday with you.

Two days into a think tank for 1,200 restaurant executives, a half-dozen currents hijacked the discussions.

"Pardon me, may I speak with a manager please?" This is a line heard every day in restaurants across America. It's a reasonable enough request.

Steal the directions from up-and-comers’ road maps.

If magazine publishers can open restaurants, such as Penthouse's new steakhouse in New York, a restaurateur can certainly publish a magazine.

Unite Here has launched what it calls a “consumer education campaign” that asserts the bakery-café chain’s menu is anything but healthful.

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