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Daily deals are everywhere. Here's your primer.

Daily deal websites are quickly becoming an essential marketing tool. Each day these sites send out deals to millions of bargain-hungry subscribers. Now there’s evidence of a real payoff for restaurants that participate: A recent Technomic survey found that 48 percent of deal buyers used coupons at restaurants they’d never visited.


Franchisee of the Month: Glenn Mueller

Founded in 1981 by Mueller and his brother Richard, RPM is one of those franchisees that could almost annoy corporate with their steady stream of ideas, admits Jim Stansik, executive vice president of franchise relations for Domino’s.

70% of customers who won't return to a foodservice establishment cite a negative interaction with an employee as the reason. By lowering employee turnover, service and customer retention can be improved.

A roundup of developments affecting franchisees and franchisors.

Spending your valuable time in the kitchen because you're always short one line cook? Frustrated that you spend more time interviewing and training employees than running your restaurant? Scratching your head because your servers keep leaving to work for the competition?

Chicken breast has been the darling of restaurant and home kitchens for a couple of decades, touted for its versatility and health benefits. But lately, operators and consumers are beginning to suffer from white meat fatigue.

Prioritize the most important things you have to do.

BOISE, ID (October 19, 2012)—Golbon, a buying group for independently-owned foodservice distributors, hosted nearly 200 companies and over 400 attendees at...

Unlike most restaurant inventory, intellectual capital has a rather long shelf life if the ideas are sound to begin with. Over the years, we've updated the packaging on our standard products. The result is a storeroom full of odds and ends with great value.

As Shake Shack has grown from its humble beginnings into a family of 15 stores in three countries, so has its social media fan base. To support their avid and active customers, they redesigned and relaunched their website.

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