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Union bashes Au Bon Pain’s menu in new P.R. campaign

Unite Here has launched what it calls a “consumer education campaign” that asserts the bakery-café chain’s menu is anything but healthful.

Child obesity study

Two new studies are calling for the disclosure of nutritional information on restaurant menus and a curb on food advertising aimed at children as partial but important ways to combat juvenile obesity.

The casual-dining chain’s event will feature samples of new menu items and “special-guest” performances.

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain with the heft of a McDonald's or an Applebee's or a Red Lobster could get a major food manufacturer to produce...

Strategies to answer social media harassment.

Tips on getting the best advertising deal from newspapers, TV networks and radio stations. Plus, do-it-yourself TV ads: Create an ad, plan a campaign and buy media—all online. Flynn Dekker, VP of marketing at Dallas-based Steak and Ale, needed a new ad campaign.

Recent partnerships won social media buzz for these limited-service brands.

Contrary to macaroni myth, Marco Polo did not introduce pasta to Europe from China. As a bas relief of pasta-making tools in a 4th century Etruscan tomb clearly shows, Europeans had known about the stuff for centuries.

Shake Shack's reputation might have been nibbled by rats, and that wasn't the only example of recent bad publicity for restaurateurs.

In compiling our second annual ranking of the fastest-growing up-and-coming restaurant chains in America —the ones tallying sales between $25 million and $50 million—we were struck by how many new growth stories there were to tell. Thirty-one of this year’s Future 50 growth chains, or 62 percent, are entirely new to the list. That tells us that the entrepreneurial spirit thrives in 2007, and that the restaurant business is still where it lives.

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