Chiles of the Americas

Chiles all belong to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, the same one as tomatoes, eggplant and tobacco. While they are called chiles in Mexico, they are known as ajíes in Peru, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela; pimentas in Brazil; and peppers or chile peppers in the United States.

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It takes a lot of time and effort to build a loyal customer base. After your employees, your guests are your most valuable asset.

Healthy beverages and delectable drinks may seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re moving closer all the time.

When an employee quits, they don't quit the company, they quit their boss. An independent survey showed that half the people quit their previous employer because of problems with their immediate supervisor. No surprise.

Taco Bell is on a tear to grow from a $7-billion brand to a $14-billion category killer in the next 10 years, CEO Greg Creed told the audience at RLC.

"You Can Have It In Any Color... As Long As It's Black"

Ruby Tuesday’s narrowly averted cheese-biscuit apocalypse demonstrates how social media’s role is evolving from marketing to operations. The chain has spent several years working through a major brand refresh, migrating from a down-home bar-and-grill to a more upscale-casual concept. To that end, the company decided to phase out the free cheddar biscuits given to diners, testing the new program in one area where the biscuits went AWOL. The reaction was telling: customers had a fit, sharing their displeasure through social media.

The questions below were asked by foodservice operators at a recent conference. We thought you might find them relevant to your own operation.

Operators say more corporate customers are booking year-end events—and spending more when they do.

Back in 1992, the San Francisco Giants baseball team was ready to move to Florida.

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