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Guacamole, upgraded

Before David Burke’s Fabrick opened in New York City last May, Executive Chef Adin Langille worked with the restaurant’s namesake to develop an upscale rendition of chips and dip to fit the modern American shared plates concept. The result: a smooth twist on guacamole that embodies Burke’s style and Langille’s innovation, and still plays to customers’ penchant for the familiar starter.

Why you should love rice

In every dining venue consumers are seeking excitement on the plate. If you're not challenging your customers' taste buds with international ideas, you're probably losing sales to someone who is.

In the NRA’s What’s Hot survey released this week, many of the same broad trends reported in recent years popped up again on the Top 10 list.

CHICAGO,IL (Nov. 30, 2009)—Mintel Menu Insights announced five foodservice predictions for2010, saying that the restaurant industry will focus on...

Three-fifths of consumers now believe restaurants can offer food that is both healthful and tasty, reports Chicago research company Technomic.

Most consumers (76 percent) say their snacking habits have changed in some way during the past two years, reports a new study by foodservice industry consultant Technomic.

The fast food giant aims to wake up San Diego customers to an all-day limited breakfast menu.

NEW YORK, NY (June 9, 2010 - Marketwire)—The expanding appetite for Latino cuisine among non-Hispanic Americans, combined with the rapid increase in the...

Some operators are menuing mix-and-match vegetable sides as entrees to appeal to consumers’ increasing desire for veggie variety and choice.

(September 7, 2010-Miami Herald)—Lobsters nearly bankrupted Netuno USA, which explains the seafood importer's new fascination with cheap squid. When the...

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