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Biscuit sandwich revolution

Going beyond the basic egg-and-cheese combo, chefs are getting creative with what they put on biscuit sandwiches.


The poultry purchase

Restaurants traditionally rely on chicken and turkey to be menu profit makers. Usually in good supply and always a good buy in relation to other proteins, operators often turn to poultry to keep costs in check when red meats and seafood skyrocket. But that strategy may be dampened in the months ahead.

It’s all about talking to the consumer. Here’s how to conduct the conversation.

The fish house special gets an upscale makeover.

Two days into a think tank for 1,200 restaurant executives, a half-dozen currents hijacked the discussions.

Menus from restaurants featured in the August issue of Restaurant Business magazine

Jerky is making the move from a lowly gas-station snack to a trendy, gourmet bar bite as chefs across the country create their own variations in-house.

Conversations with industry leaders at this year’s IFDA Partners Executive Forum here at the Ritz-Carlton earlier this week revealed that their “damn the...

At Brown Bag Seafood in Chicago, the menu is printed on a brown paper bag to reinforce the fast-casual’s name and marketing message.

Menus from restaurants featured in stories in the June, 2009 issue of Restaurant Business magazine...

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