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Growth Continues In "Better Burger" Restaurant Category

CHICAGO (August 1, 2012 - PR Newswire)—The limited-service burger segment is the largest menu segment by revenue in the restaurant industry. It is driven...

Whether they are served hot or cold – baked into pies or pickled – the vibrant beet in hues of red and yellow is a versatile, nutritious ingredient for any kitchen.

None of us can run a restaurant alone so we surround ourselves with capable people. In nearly every workplace there are members of the WWII Generation, BabyBoomers, Generation X'ers and Millennials (Gen Y). But each generation is unique.

The convenience of a hand-held breakfast has made the breakfast sandwich popular among the morning crowd. Some restaurants embracing the trend have turned breakfast sandwiches into an art form, chucking the boring egg sandwich for more inspired combinations.

Once upon a time, chefs relied on the foods grown in their own backyards, on their own farms, or obtained at the local farmer's market.

There are “new rules” to competing in the restaurant industry, attendees of the Restaurant Leadership Conference learned during an opening breakout session hosted by Darren Tristano and Ron Paul of Technomic Inc. They outlined 10 strategies for restaurateurs to consider.

These days, it seems everyone's on a special diet, or suffering from some food allergy, and they expect restaurants to cater to their every dietary whim.

Said to have been invented more than 275 years ago by a London department store, Fortnum & Mason, there’s always been much more to the humble, yet flavor- and protein-packed Scotch Egg than meets the eye.

The menu is a statement of your restaurant’s philosophy—and a crucial piece of its marketing puzzle.

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