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Tropical Salads

A taste of the tropics can put customers in a sunny frame of mind during the last chilly blasts of winter. These fresh, healthy salads feature tropical fruits and vegetables that are readily available.

Romano's adds new pizza line. Sorta.

The dinner house chain’s latest LTO is what the Ignite-owned brand is calling Fat Breads, or a free-form pizza with a thicker, chewier crust. Management noted in the announcement that the pizzas will be offered for takeout. The line differs from Romano’s flatbreads, a permanent array that includes a number of pizza-like variations.

• Put desserts on sale. Make it a real value for guests to order more than one dessert per table by promoting special pricing for multiple dessert orders...

Chef and creator of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel, didn’t set out to concoct a best-seller. “There was no magic formula or marketing strategy behind this croissant-doughnut hybrid,” he writes in his book “Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes.” He was simply trying to make a doughnut, for which he had no recipe.

It’s that time of year to welcome customers with libations that will warm the spirit—and the body. Several of these beverages are inspired by favorites from other parts of the world.

Whether touting health halos, all-natural ingredients or entirely new better-for-you menus, chains are using health to keep diners coming back.

Shell upon ebony shell heaped in front of you in all their briny bounty— few things satisfy body and soul as much as a bowl of mussels. While steaming seems to be the preparation of choice, some restaurateurs are infusing the bivalves with more exotic flavors.

Called the Brrr-ito, the treat consists of a crepe wrapped around two scoops of ice cream.

Although chicken and turkey costs are trending slightly upward, they are still better buys than red meat.

We looked at some longstanding restaurant myths to see how these supposed diner don’ts hold up.

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