Keep your eyes on the prize

Back in 1992, the San Francisco Giants baseball team was ready to move to Florida.

My way or the highway

I remember reading in a newspaper article that "A great front room person is not in it for the recognition; they have an innate co-dependent need to serve." Does this describe the service in your restaurant?

Many restaurant chains now invite store-level managers to buy a stake in their units, but how about equity in the parent concern?

Tasting menus are popular these days. Very popular. Nearly every white tablecloth restaurant has jumped on the trend, with super-star chefs showcasing their talents and culinary artistry with multi-course meals.

None of us can run a restaurant alone so we surround ourselves with capable people. In nearly every workplace there are members of the WWII Generation, BabyBoomers, Generation X'ers and Millennials (Gen Y). But each generation is unique.

A purposely misnamed burger has become the most successful new product introduction ever for CKE Restaurants' two hamburger chains.

W. Bryan O'Shields, vice president of food & beverage for the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, was named last night as the outstanding foodservice operator of 2002.

Here's a marketing tip I developed when a local restaurant spontaneously decorated our table for Barbara's birthday lunch.

Do any of these words give you a pronunciation hesitation? As food varieties from around the world become easily available, more and more unusual words appear on our menus.

Mellow yellow or spicy brown, this reliable condiment dresses up a hot dog or adds spark to a sauce.