Supersize it

Want to create a buzz with your next marketing campaign? Send a jumbo postcard. And I mean jumbo... think 10" x 15" or even 24" x 36"! It's fun, it's easy and it's very effective at building your brand.

To market, to market

Marketing is one of the surest ways I know to build a successful foodservice business. With some careful strategic planning, you can build your brand in the marketplace and boost gross sales.

Nobody lives in a vacuum, and certainly not a restaurateur.

Good things happen when you turn the tables, bend the rules a bit, or take a contrarian point of view and throw the world a curve ball. Here's a suggestion for building a new customer base.

Whether your excuse is daylight savings time, spring cleaning or pre-holiday holiday decorating, regularly scheduled major cleaning is essential to keep your business looking its best.

First taste of restaurant work came at 15, waiting tables at a Steak & Ale.

Whether you have a banquet room that seats 100 or a group of tables that can accommodate 20, hosting special events can be very profitable.

Back in 1992, the San Francisco Giants baseball team was ready to move to Florida.

I remember reading in a newspaper article that "A great front room person is not in it for the recognition; they have an innate co-dependent need to serve." Does this describe the service in your restaurant?

Many restaurant chains now invite store-level managers to buy a stake in their units, but how about equity in the parent concern?

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