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'Attention, Starbucks M&A execs'

After seeing what Starbucks’ management did last quarter, Washington may want to turn over its operations.

Pricing menus like airline tickets

The airline industry learned long ago that, since the availability of seats is fixed, prices can be adjusted with demand. They charge more during peak times, less off-peak; over time, their customers have become accustomed to this variability. So, with a limited number of seats in your restaurant and a similar variability in demand, why can’t you do the same?

Cooking seasonally goes beyond sourcing fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that are at their peak. After all, for the next few months, local fields may be barren and fresh produce scarce in a large part of the country.

Heightened security and countless flight delays mean more time spent at the airport. Add in meal-less flights and you have a lot of hungry travelers.

To age spirits more efficiently, one mixologist commandeered a piece of kitchen equipment.

Restaurant Business Magazine's annual ranking of the fastest growing small chains in America.

Two operators discover that private-label wines can differentiate the list and boost sales.

Water—whether it’s used in your equipment or served to your patrons—is vitally important to your operation. Today, being “water wise” means using...

Portability and speed feed the morning customer, boosting the popularity of grab-and-go items.

A taste of the tropics can put customers in a sunny frame of mind during the last chilly blasts of winter. These fresh, healthy salads feature tropical fruits and vegetables that are readily available.

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