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Consumer Trends

Consumers welcome increased menu transparency

A majority of diners approve of the new healthcare bill requiring all restaurants with 20 or more locations to include calorie counts on menus, according to new research from Mintel.


Delivery backlash and 4 other head-spinning moments

The dash for off-premise business is taking a detour around third-party delivery. Meanwhile, Amy Poehler isn't making restaurateurs laugh, R&D kitchens are cooking up some unusual new products, and the drug epidemic is prompting some controversial changes in operations.

Whispers of optimism are filling the dining-sphere as we embark on a new year. There's no question that a different reality still permeates the restaurant...

Sandwiches are undergoing exciting flavor and quality upgrades on every level—from breads to fillings and condiments. New sandwich trends are driven by artisan and sustainable ingredients, the desire to eat seasonally and more healthfully, and the celebration of regional and global foods and flavors.

RICHMOND, Va. (May 25, 2011 - Associated Press)—First came organic, then free-range, then local.Now discerning diners with a penchant for spending a...

Despite the specialty coffee craze at limited-service restaurants, regular hot coffee still accounts for the highest level of reported consumption among...

I've always been a big fan of Chipotle Mexican Grille's menu and business model. What's there not to like about ordering very tasty burritos and bowls custom-built before your eyes with top quality, carefully sourced ingredients? I guess the long lines are one drawback, but they don't seem to keep the faithful away.

In its just-released 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast, the National Restaurant Association reports that there is an increasing consumer interest in high tech interaction in restaurants. The NRA's statistics show that consumers up to the age of 55 support new restaurant technologies. But the majority of the restaurant industry does not seem to be keeping pace.

(April 30, 2012 - The Packer)—Asparagus is the new green bean on restaurant menus.“Every restaurant serves some sort of asparagus dish,” said Bruce...

The 2012 Future 50 has distinguished itself as being one of the most varied collections of menus we’ve ever featured in our annual ranking of the fastest growing small chains in the country. The largest menu category represented—“varied menu”—typifies this.

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