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A la Plancha

Cooking "a la plancha" is virtually smoke-free, energy efficient and sears like a dream—it’s not hard to see why this technique has become so popular lately. Many ingredients benefit from a little time on these traditional Spanish flattops, from tender green beans to hearty beef tenderloin.

Freshii’s CEO says he has a deal for McDonald’s

The head of the 160-unit health chain challenged McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook to try a Freshii co-branding venture at no cost.

ROSEMONT, IL (July 13, 2010 - PRNewswire)—U.S. Foodservice,one of the nation's largest food distributors, is gearing up for the grilling season by...

Operators give insight on words to use or avoid on menus.

CHICAGO (October 14, 2010)—It is no secret that the foodservice industry has suffered recently through a bleak economy; but the silver lining of the cloud...

Cooked until meltingly tender and falling off the bone, short ribs are the quintessential cold weather dish. These restaurants pair the hearty cut with global flavors to chase away winter chills.

Green and verdant as springtime, it’s no surprise that kale is popping up on many restaurant menus right now. Whether served raw in a salad, fried like a chip or braised alongside something meaty, diners can’t get enough of this uber-healthy green.

News of McDonald’s new test burger spread quickly through the blogsphere today. Because bloggers stumbled across at least two markets where the new English Pub Burger is being tried, there’s no doubt as to the composition of the item: A one-third-pound Angus patty dressed with grilled onions, steak sauce and Dijon mustard, served atop an “artisan” bun, in keeping with the fast-food trend of using better bread.

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s first spin-off, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, hasn’t been open for a week yet. But that hasn’t stopped San Francisco Grub Street, the influential foodie website, from already anointing it The Next Big Thing.

A survey of U.S. chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) indicates healthier kids fare and local sourcing of food will be the hottest trends on U.S. restaurant menus in 2012, UPI reports.

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