Would you like stock options with your burger?

There's more than one way to the top. A significant number of senior executives at top foodservice companies began their career as an entry level employee in the company. Yes, we're talking about bussers, preppers, and taco stuffers. Loyalty pays off.

Mud lite

Healthy eating is a priority for me, especially now that I have kids. Keeping nutritional claims, labeling and terms straight is a challenge. I become completely stymied when roaming the grocery aisles. What exactly is "lite" cheese?

Here is a brief summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it impacts restaurants specifically. Several resource links are also included to help restaurants comply.

Here are some great side dish ideas from friends around the country. Notice the variety in both taste and price point.

Here are three menu design techniques using a simple square: Boxing, Shading and Showcasing.

Are you looking for an easy way to boost sales and profits? Desserts are a perfect place to start. More and more restaurant guests want to splurge and indulge in desserts...

I admit it. I'm a systems junkie. You've probably already guessed that by how often we recommend a system or protocol or procedure for your operation.

Your servers receive direct and indirect feedback from your guests about the items on the menu. They note reactions to price, portion size, flavor and overall satisfaction. Servers use this feedback when recommending menu items because their tips are directly related to customer satisfaction.

Appetizers. Tapas. Small Plates. Starters. Dim Sum.

My challenge has always been to find ways to stay on top of the endless systems, procedures and responsibilities that keep an operation running smoothly and profitably. After all, profit is in the details.