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Asparagus front and center

Temperatures may be rising, but spring vegetables are still in abundance—often appearing as more than an afterthought siding an entree. In green, white and even violet spears, asparagus is one of those vegetables that can star as the main attraction in soups, salads and even entrees.


Sliced and served with fresh cheeses, grilled and fanned beneath pork or diced and baked into a cobbler, peaches shine in both savory and sweet preparations. Chefs are featuring the ripe, blushing fruit in a medley of combinations, each bite rewarding diners with the welcome taste of late summer.

I've always been a big fan of Chipotle Mexican Grille's menu and business model. What's there not to like about ordering very tasty burritos and bowls custom-built before your eyes with top quality, carefully sourced ingredients? I guess the long lines are one drawback, but they don't seem to keep the faithful away.

In its just-released 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast, the National Restaurant Association reports that there is an increasing consumer interest in high tech interaction in restaurants. The NRA's statistics show that consumers up to the age of 55 support new restaurant technologies. But the majority of the restaurant industry does not seem to be keeping pace.

(April 30, 2012 - The Packer)—Asparagus is the new green bean on restaurant menus.“Every restaurant serves some sort of asparagus dish,” said Bruce...

The 2012 Future 50 has distinguished itself as being one of the most varied collections of menus we’ve ever featured in our annual ranking of the fastest growing small chains in the country. The largest menu category represented—“varied menu”—typifies this.

Foodservice is very much at home in the "Away From Home" portfolio of Campbell Soup Co., Camden, NJ. The branded manufacturer recently announced a strategic...

This sweet, creamy holiday drink is a crowd pleaser with or without the added bourbon kick. These places are incorporating the flavor of eggnog in festive treats—mostly sans alcohol.

A group of panelists at an analysts' conference here couldn't seem to agree on a strict definition for fast-casual, said to be the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry.

Deals are no longer driving restaurant traffic, according to a recent report from the Chicago-based NPD Group. In fact, customers perceive discounted meals offered over a prolonged time period as regular pricing—not a bargain.

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