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Consumer Trends

Greater selection, higher sales

According to a recent Consumer Edge Insight study, Alcoholic Beverage DemandTracker, providing more craft beer options to your diners makes them more likely to order beer, and more of it. Especially if they are already a regular craft beer drinker.

Color me profitable

"You Can Have It In Any Color... As Long As It's Black"

Crafting a Southern-inspired Christmas menu is “a balancing act,” declares Don Drake, executive chef of Magnolias in Charleston, S.C. That’s because even though patrons relish the upscale restaurant’s modern takes on traditional cooking, they tend to judge its holiday dishes against their own cherished memories of home-cooked fare.

Is low-carb eating really here to stay? Plenty of restaurants seem to think so.

CORAL BEACH, FL (March 28, 2013 - The Packer)—More restaurant chains offer fruits and vegetables with children’s meals than they did in 2008, but the...

NEW YORK - The acquisition this week of hors d'oeuvres manufacturer Appetizers And, Inc., by the H.J. Heinz Co. is expected to enhance operations for its...

Industry leaders gathered at a first-of-its-kind conference this week to draft a plan for turning healthful, sustainable food into more of a sales and profit generator for the foodservice industry.

With so many new features out there, it's a good idea to understand what you need before you buy. Here's a guide to walk you through the process.

Grab-n-go meal offerings are now key elements of many successful food service venues, on both the commercial and noncommercial sides.

Despite America’s obsession with dieting, fat and calories, restaurant customers haven’t stopped ordering dessert.

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