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Iced Coffee Drinks

Caffeine fiends everywhere are sipping a whole lot more than simple iced joe through their straws these days. From the Chocolate Frappe to the Mocha Freeze, baristas across the country are keeping pace with the buzz by creating their own decked out iced coffee drinks.


On breakfast menus, Latin’s hot but healthy’s not

In just nine months, the number of restaurant locations offering breakfast menus grew by 13 percent, according to the Breakfast Insights of Champions report recently released by Chicago research company Food Genius.

The new report provides in-depth analysis of the kids' menu category for the 250 largest chain restaurants as well as leading emerging chains and...

This summer, Denver-based Qdoba Mexican Grill introduced sweet heat to its menu with the debut of two mango sauces.

There’s a new frite in town! Avocados, string beans, chickpeas, polenta and other crispy counterparts are taking on the role of potatoes in these inventive, non-traditional approaches to french fries.

In what Pizza Hut calls the most significant change in its history, the Yum! Brands holding will adopt a new menu on Wednesday that doubles the array of toppings to include such options as banana peppers, fresh spinach and premium salami.

Menus from stories in the October issue of Restaurant Business magazine

High-end restaurants don’t need deep discounts to win over younger consumers whose preferences exceed their means. Getting creative with what’s already in the kitchen—and marketing it as a value add—might help to capture that elusive millennial clientele more consistently, especially at the bar.

The definition of a smoothie has been blended as much as the drink, but basically, smoothies are fruits and juices whirred with ice until thick and smooth.

Pizza Hut only now is getting in the gluten-free game, besting its rivals by launching completely gluten-free pizza this January, crust and toppings included.

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