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The undercover service report

A man walks down a New York City street, considering his lunch options when a poster in a Subway window catches his eye.

Hot Dogs Take Two

July 4th brings out legions of hot dog fans—some of whom cook their own on an outdoor grill, while others seek out the best at local eateries. These places offer up their own iconic versions.

First, a handful of health and diet-oriented associations that have been touting the benefits of fresh produce have claimed that consumers are truly looking...

Restaurant Business had a chance to chat briefly with CIA grad Dan Coudreaut, executive chef and VP of culinary innovation, about what’s happening with McDonald’s menu.

Many restaurateurs think about purchasing sparkling wines only for the holidays, but that’s a mistake. While the bulk of bubbly is drunk from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, sparklers are a good match for most menus year round.

73% of consumers say that if they try a menu item with an innovative flavor, and enjoy it, they are more likely to return to the restaurant for the same item.

Women account for 64 percent of wine consumers in the United States, according to the Wine Market Council. And their tastes are sophisticated and informed.

U.S. pizza restaurant sales are expected to reach $44 billion by 2017, according to Mintel’s latest research. Traditional pizza options remain popular, but consumers’ pizza tastes are broadening when it comes to topping off their pies.

Chefs become passionate about knives because there’s no kitchen tool that’s more important to them. We asked a group of experts to weigh in on the key buying points.

A health-forward superfood salad, built with seasonal produce, hits the menu at Boloco.

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