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Roti’s co-founder shares 6 tips for restaurant business success

Restaurant-industry veteran Bill Post sat down with prospective business owners in Chicago to discuss what he identified as the keys to restaurant success. Menu design, social media and budget analysis were among the topics he weighed in on.

Pork Belly

Pork belly or uncured bacon, typically served roasted with a crispy skin, has long been a delicacy in Roman, Chinese and other classic cuisines. This succulent cut is now the darling of chefs, popping up on menus in a rainbow of global flavors and inventive preparations.

The burger giant's customizable-burger concept, currently operating in four California stores, could roll out to many more locations as the company attempts to pull out of its sales slump.

Menus from restaurants featured in the August issue of Restaurant Business magazine.Redefining Kids’ FoodRadial Café, Atlanta, GeorgiaZola, Washington,...

For his latest venture (and first fast casual), Chili’s founder Larry Lavine converted a clothing store into the 13,000-square-foot Ten 50 BBQ, which has been serving central Texas-style barbecue in an indoor-outdoor setup since August.

Optimism is in the air as we look ahead to 2010, but product and menu developers are proceeding with caution.

There’s no kitchen, no set menu, no servers and no reservations at Travail.

St. Patrick’s Day is a grand Irish tradition and an excellent excuse to party in the middle of March. Restaurants encourage guests to partake in the festivities with Guinness, whiskey and hearty Irish fare.

A test that began at the beginning of the month will determine which items stay and which will go, says interim CEO Scott Barnett.

NEW ORLEANS (June 7, 2010 - Washington Post)—The Somethin' Else Cafe in New Orleans unveiled new menusjust weeks ago.Already, they are filled with broken...

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