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Restaurant websites have a bad reputation

Restaurant websites have been a hot topic online lately, but not in a good way. The recurring theme centers around the question, as first voiced in an essay at the online Slate magazine, “Why do restaurant websites suck?” Harsh, but we’re afraid to admit, true in a lot cases. Don’t be fodder for some blogger’s next post. Here’s help.

Peppermint is peppering menus

Candy canes are not the only seasonal treats flavored with peppermint. Restaurants are embracing the holiday spirit by enhancing drinks, desserts and other menu items with peppermint’s refreshing, sweet taste.

Many, many weight loss diets come and go, but the sad fact is Americans have gotten fatter every year since 1990. While restaurants have been the easy-to-blame scapegoats for this obesity epidemic, they’re not the only ones at fault, said Dr. Jim Painter at the innovation session entitled “Your Brain on Food: Why Consumers Eat As They Do” held on Monday, March 26 during the 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

CHICAGO (May 31, 2012 - PRNewswire)—Sandwiches are the cornerstone of lunch and dinner menus at both limited- and full-service restaurants, where they are...

August 15, 2012 would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. In commemoration of this milestone, restaurants around the country are celebrating with special menus, toasts, events and promotions. As Julia would say, “life itself is the proper binge,” so bon appetit!

Kids influence where their parents dine out at least 50% of the time in the casual dining segment.

Restaurant Business senior editor Pat Cobe has been named the 2012 recipient of the International Foodservice Editorial Council’s top honor, the Betty Award.

Whether you have a banquet room that seats 100 or a group of tables that can accommodate 20, hosting special events can be very profitable.

In tune with the seasons, Park Avenue restaurant in New York City completely changes its menu, décor and even its name four times a year. Park Avenue Winter is now in full swing, with the dining room decked out in winter finery and the kitchen turning out dishes based on seasonal seafood and produce and hearty grains and meats.

Paul Keeler, a foodservice veteran at Hilton Hotels Corp., wants to be clear: The company's new menu enhancements aren't fashioned after a specific diet or guru.

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