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Higher-priced options driving adult beverage sales, study finds

As the volume trend softens, consumers spark increased competition among premium beer, wine and spirits for drink orders in restaurants and bars.

Poultry Profit Makers

Restaurants traditionally rely on chicken and turkey to be menu profit makers. Usually in good supply and always a good buy in relation to other proteins,...

Offering a mix of innovative global cooking and traditional American fare is essential for Jennifer Cleveland and Eric Heath, co-owners of Cleveland-Heath, a creative comfort-food restaurant in Edwardsville, Ill. “We have old-school diners who love meat and potatoes and large entrées and other people who follow the food movement and go for small plates,” says Heath. “We really want to please them both.”

Crepe carts are showing up on city streets and savory crepes are showing up on diners’ plates. The thin French pancakes that rose to popularity late last century seem to be making a comeback—both as restaurant concepts and menu items.

Some restaurants are putting a unique spin on things by fusing traditional Mexican ingredients with classic American dishes. Here’s a sample of some tried-and-true menu items that incorporate these fresh flavors.

Phil Roberts scores in a down market with new dishes.If operators have learned anything during the most recent economic slide, it’s that discounting food...

Cracker Barrel plans a fast-casual entry, chains stress there’s actual cooking in their kitchens, fast-food breads rise into more exotic territory, employers detail their pay ladders and Chipotle reveals its throughput and why franchising is unfair to talent.

Penny-pinching cooks invented bread pudding as a way to use leftover or even stale bread. The recipe's often rich ingredients and texture may belie its reputation as a "poor man's pudding," but its thrifty origin certainly fits today's cost-conscious times.

Dishes ranging from the Friggin Fried Ice Cream Shake to the line-up of craft sodas are tested by one of the first visitors to U.S. Taco Co.

Waffles are no longer stuck in the breakfast daypart. The tasty grids lend their versatile nooks and crannies to a wide range of both sweet and savory accompaniments, making them a distinctive menu item for brunch, dessert and even dinner.

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