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Fries with a nacho twist

"Where's the pork?" could have been Wendy's ad slogan during a recent high-profile and reportedly successful LTO. The 6,500-unit chain featured pulled pork for the first time, featuring it atop a burger, a sandwich—and its fries. How did it settle on those ideas? Here's the process that landed them on the menu.

Bone Marrow

With offal-loving chefs touting innards, it was only a matter of time before bone marrow climbed the menu-placement ladder from near obscurity to cult status. Simply roasted with a side of toast points, or lending richness to risotto or pasta, diners can’t seem to get enough of this luxurious treat.

José Andrés’ fast-casual venture, the vegetable-focused Beefsteak, opened today in the same building as George Washington University’s Science and Engineering Hall.

ROCKVILLE, MD (May 11, 2010 - Marketwire )—MarketResearch.com has announced the addition of Packaged Facts' new report, "The U.S. Foodservice Landscape...

This spring, Jackson, Miss.-based Newk’s Eatery hoped to hook guests with a premium ingredient more often found in full service—ahi tuna.

(July 29, 2010 - The Packer)—Christopher Jackson believes in it so much, he has built his restaurant — Ted & Honey in Brooklyn, N.Y. — on the concept...

See which 10 chains are winning with beef that consumers say they can’t get anywhere else.

The precursor to the cocktail, punches were made in large quantities so guests could split the potent concoctions at social gatherings. Looking to an era gone by for inspiration, restaurant bartenders and mixologists are reinventing the alcoholic punch with decidedly unique and global ingredients.

CHICAGO (February 8, 2011)—Americans are looking for more healthful options at restaurants and other foodservice outlets but define healthy eating based on...

A bit of style in your uniforms and shoes can go a long way in creating a brand identity and making a favorable impression on your customers.

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