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Diners are flocking to chicken, duck, and other birds when they're prepared with signature touches.

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Restaurant industry c. 2020? Deja vu.

The restaurant industry of your future may look and feel much like the restaurant industry of your past, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association, but familiarity isn’t likely to make the business any easier.

Restaurant Business is pleased to announce the Best New Products of 2004.

Shishitos offer a mild, sweet flavor with just a touch of heat. These small, finger-like peppers are often featured as a snack item in their native Japan, and now they are grown in the U.S. as well, with high season in summer and fall. Easy to prepare in a variety of ways, it’s no surprise these thin-skinned, emerald beauties shine on menus across the nation.

A great way to understand a new cuisine is to break it down into its basic flavor principles. What are flavor principles? We're glad you asked.

Inspired by the diversity of Asian ingredients, Chef Alex Diestra has reinvented pan-Asian cuisine at Saucebox in Portland, Ore. Diestra infuses dishes with distinctive combinations of flavors from the Philippines, China, Thailand and Burma, in addition to other Asian countries.

Tunisian vegetable stew and Szechwan tofu stir-fry. Certified organic salad bars. Made-to-order panini sandwiches. Bento boxes. Mediterranean tapas and Asian...

Flighty may best describe the 2014 restaurant customer. End-of-year trend predictions revealed that he or she may be seeking adventurous flavors on one visit, value on another.

Great ideas we've seen from the restaurant industry.

Signs of new concept development for Texas Roadhouse, more revving in the better-pizza category, evidence that Peyton Manning can always wear Papa John’s jersey, Domino's fall in casual dining and more tech talk. Lots, lots more.

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