How to shoot your food and 'kill it'

Five tips for creating great food photos for social media marketing.

Starbucks begins preordering rollout

Customers will be able to use their phones to place a customized order, learn how long of a wait there is, and then grab it from a pickup station.

A look at some mobile eateries that have caught our attention.

The full-line foodservice distributorship was formed in 1919 by his grandfather as a dry grocery operation in the port area of Pensacola. TT Todd evolved...

NEW YORK, NY (January 29, 2010 - Marketwire)—The frugal behaviors adopted during therecession are becoming engrained and reflect a new normal...

The wheels aren’t exactly flying off the food-truck trend. New research from the National Restaurant Association shows considerable pent-up demand for the Recession-born dining option, with consumers finding few opportunities to indulge.

The NRA Show draws quite an international list of attendees and one of the regulars is Peter Backman, managing director of Horizons, a foodservice research and consulting company based in London. Every year, we sit down for a quick meeting to compare notes about restaurant trends in America and Britain. Here are some of the things I learned during our May 6th chat.

With all the hubbub about mobile payments and tablet menus, it’s easy to forget that technology, as defined by Webster’s, cuts a broader swath; it’s defined as “the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area.”

On Tuesday, the online reviews site launched a free reservations tool that could have OpenTable and others worried.

To generate buzz for the release of its new smartphone app on Oct. 28, Taco Bell went silent on all of its social media channels for one day, replacing its characteristically prolific posts with one disruptive message: “Taco Bell isn’t on Instagram [or Twitter or Facebook], it’s #onlyintheapp.” It was accompanied by a link to download the new app, designed heavily around mobile ordering and payment.

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