More Social Media, Food Trucks Ahead In 2011, NRA Says

Americans love to dine out. In fact, 88 percent of adults say they enjoy going to restaurants, so it makes sense for restaurant operators to pay close attention to consumer trends to build business and guest satisfaction.


A tutorial: What Google+ can do for restaurants

Google launched its Google+ social network platform last June and Google+ Pages in November, finally allowing restaurants and other businesses to claim their real estate and check out the view.

Can you say digital tablet? Even though the mjaority of restaurants have yet to incorporate technology in their operations, consumers are very interested in the latest technology applications when dining out, according to a new study by Technomic

The biggest danger of neck injuries this week came from surprising tech developments, but new service initiatives dropped some jaws, too.

In the past 13 months, four big fish—Priceline, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google—have gobbled up companies in the online-reservations business to the tune of more than $2.8 billion.

Android users will also gain access to the mobile-ordering feature, which is going nationwide ahead of schedule.

Funny how a handful of celebrity chefs and mom-and-pop global joints can round out a local cuisine. Now visitors in the know—and with a car to navigate the bi-state sprawl—have a new nickname for Kansas City: Chowtown.

Looking for a hot trend to help customers tap into this summer? Look no further than iced coffee – a simple, popular and highly profitable beverage...

Food trucks fill the streets and parking lots of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and Portland, Ore. Los Angeles alone counts 9,000 food trucks and carts, including branded vehicles from California Pizza Kitchen and Carl’s Jr. Yet when Ray Villaman, moderator of a trucks panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, asked who in the audience has or plans to launch a food truck, only a few hands were raised.

MINNEAPOLIS (March 13, 2012 - PRNewswire)—ValuedPatron Marketing Services, LLC has launched Eat-A-Bite, Give-A-Bit™—a long-term, cause-marketing...

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