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Payroll deduction authorization form

A concise form for employees to deduct money from their payroll.

Taking credit

Operators are scrambling to find ways to deal with the sudden or inevitable labor-cost increases.

Outsourcing your employee screening and background checks reduces the time and expense involved in checking personal, academic and professional histories yourself. It can also lessen your legal liability.

A lot of times cooking food is the easiest part about running a restaurant.

Employees are struggling to get to work because their vehicles were destroyed, forcing restaurants to get creative.

The political machine in Washington DC and your own state capitol may seem too far away, too big, or just too complicated. Yet what goes under the domes and beams of the capitol building affects you and your livelihood.

The public was ready to lynch some executives because of the humongous bonuses they earned last year on Wall Street. But Main Street should have few problems with the cash compensation of restaurant leaders, according to a new Technomic study.

Prevailing pay rates vary widely by gender, segment and region, a new study shows. Here are some benchmarks to see how your operation compares.

When an employee leaves, it's rarely a pleasant experience. Terminations are difficult, time consuming and intrusive on an already busy day. Even with an amicable parting, you're still left with a pile of papers and a job to fill.

If you didn’t get a raise last year, ask the boss why you were excluded from what People Report says was the vast majority of salaried restaurant employees who got a bump in base pay during 2012. At the very least, it may help your chances in 2013, when salaries are expected by the human-resources research company to rise by an average of 2.7 percent.

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