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Toppers debuts new pizza LTO

The Ragin’ Pepperoni Pizza will be on menus until mid-April.


Patrick Doyle to Chipotle? Forget it

The outgoing Domino’s CEO doesn’t plan to retire, but says that all “conspiracy theories” about his plans are wrong.

In this environment, anything is possible, but such a deal seems unlikely, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The chain ends its sponsorship after weak ratings are blamed for poor sales.

The fast-casual pizza chain has closed six locations as it opts to focus on franchising.

The chain has big hopes for its pan pizza.

The Italian chain is apparently looking for a buyer.

Pizza may be a national staple, but its different styles vary based on regions, from the Quad Cities to New Haven. With regional menu items such as Nashville chicken popping up on menus, could pizza be the next regional hit?

The chain has enlisted wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster to be its social media correspondent during the upcoming draft.

New Technomic research reveals three chain pizzas that have a ways to go in craveability.

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