Trending plant-based dishes to add to the menu

While plant-based diets are still the minority, restaurants are wisely upping the number of meatless options on menus, both for diners who never eat meat as well as those who are simply curious to try a dish that doesn’t contain it.


Beyond Meat cuts staff as the plant-based trend peaks

The Bottom Line: The fake meat maker is cutting 19% of its workforce in the latest sign that the plant-based trend is past its peak.

From morning to night, potatoes are the perfect canvas for making craveable entrees, sides and more. What’s more, when they’re made into full dishes rather than just being sold as standalone sides, they offer higher margins for operators—what’s not to love about potatoes? Here are a few ways operators can make unique potato dishes that are sure to become instant classics

The market for processed plant-based meat alternatives is shrinking, according to new research and purchasing data.

Growing preferences towards plant-based and flexitarian diets, as well as accommodating for sensitivities and intolerances, can be difficult for operators, and many traditional sides aren’t making the cut. Potatoes provide the perfect solution.

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade got its start out of a trailer. The brand’s fresh-pressed lemonades grew a following through night markets and farmers markets in Hawaii, finding fans among locals and to...

The new limited-time item, developed in partnership with Beyond Meat, will debut Oct. 13 in Dayton, Ohio.

Next Level Burger wins $20 million in latest funding round.

The fast-casual Asian chain will use a Beyond Meat chicken alternative and give the dish a premium price.

Hart House CEO Andy Hooper hopes to redefine the QSR employment experience with higher wages and benefits that go way beyond the industry standard.

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