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February is a short month long on menu specials

Taste Tracker: Cracker Barrel’s wines; McAlisters spotlights steak; chicken stars at Pei Wei, Checkers and Ledo Pizza; Genghis Grill does Mardi Gras; Smokey Bones candy coats cocktails.


Health continues to power menus into February

Taste Tracker: Panda Express swaps meat for plants in two classics; healthy sipping at Bluestone and Nekter; calories count at Fazoli’s; and fruits and vegetables fill up bowls.

Taste Tracker: Subway and Shake Shack turn up the heat; plants take shape at Pret, Pokeworks and Wienerschnitzel; Taco Bell adds a fruity freeze; and it’s always time for chicken.

The burger giant said on Thursday that it plans to expand the test to 600 stores, increasing the chances of a nationwide introduction.

Almost as soon as the New Year’s Eve confetti was swept up, new menu items started shooting out of the pipeline. Restaurants are jumping on consumers’ resolutions to eat healthier with plenty of plant-based options, vegetable-forward items and dishes targeted at special diets. But there’s action on the flavor front too, as sandwiches get hotter and coffee drinks take on sweet spices.

The QSR is partnering with YouTube star Liza Koshy to launch the plant-based “Kentucky Fried Miracle” on Monday.

Taste Tracker: Chipotle abd Smoothie King tap into health; Wienerschnitzel, Crumbl and Pinkbox invite indulgence; Taco Bell tests chicken wings and the Patty Melt returns to Sonic.

The new pasta, developed by the fast casual’s culinary team, is in test in select markets this month.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking ways to promote wellness across all aspects of their lives, and unsurprisingly, eating a healthy diet is a cornerstone. Currently, the growing appeal of plant-based foods and diets is likely correlated with the growing number of consumers preferring a healthier diet—and for that reason, it’s crucial that operators develop strategies to leverage each of these trends in conjunction.

The delivery-only Impossible Shop offers exclusive recipes and new products from the plant-based meat maker. It's being served out of Dog Haus locations in eight states.

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