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Move Over Beef, Americans Are Eating More Chicken

CHICAGO, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Beef may not be 'what's for dinner.' After the recent report of mad cow disease in California, combined with the bad...

NYC soda cap could prove a boon for bundlers, study finds

The web is buzzing over a just-released finding that New York City’s suspended ban of large soft drinks could encourage rather than temper soda consumption.

Neck braces were needed this week after chains signaled a major shift in their value strategies, Panera disclosed intentions to drop its one-size-fits-all mentality and Jack in the Box discovered a lot can happen in a minute, never mind two.

Renowned concept creator Phil Romano is suing the Dallas Morning News over a review of Il Mulino New York that produced a severe case of agita.

Restaurant Business is pleased to announce the Best New Products of 2004.

Despite America’s obsession with dieting, fat and calories, restaurant customers haven’t stopped ordering dessert.

When your concept is all about chicken wings, smart buying is key to profitability in a time of rising prices. A pair of operators share their strategies.

From its heyday as an American vacation and retirement mecca to its growth as an international community, Miami has seen dramatic changes. Nowhere is this more evident than South Beach—an enclave that rapidly morphed from wealthy to seedy to hip.

Gallons of excitement are simmering in the soup pot these days. Although a cup or bowl of soup has long been a standard menu starter, restaurants are now offering more inspired choices and many rotating selections

Smart sourcing means staying on top of seafood trends, the market, supply chain safety and value-added products. Three industry experts share the latest.

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