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Consumers Give Retailers High Marks on Restaurant-Quality Food

CHICAGO (February 14, 2012 - PRNewswire)—Recent consumer research by food industry consultants Technomic indicates that retailers' prepared food offerings...

Health-care reform: What operators are saying

There is a lot known about the new health care law, but there are still some rules left to be sorted out. Regardless, there is enough known that many in the industry are concerned.

The industry is foolishly allowing the proponents of unionization to control the conversation about wages and opportunity.

The chicken-wing chain will up the cost to imbibe at its company-owned locations beginning in August.

Should you price shop or become a prime vendor? Here's a list of considerations and questions to ask your distibutor.

Ingredients that are a hop, skip, and jump from a restaurant's back door inspire out-of-this-world dishes. Chefs, farmers, and customers all reap the rewards.

Getting a bead on your customer base is no small task. Neighborhoods gentrify. Dining tastes evolve. Lifestyles can move the pendulum-like whims of diners...

The airline industry learned long ago that, since the availability of seats is fixed, prices can be adjusted with demand. They charge more during peak times, less off-peak; over time, their customers have become accustomed to this variability. So, with a limited number of seats in your restaurant and a similar variability in demand, why can’t you do the same?

Born in the USA

Yes, customer habits are changing. But some operators are changing along with them—and reaping rewards.Leave it to America’s restaurants to find the...

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