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Converting to an energy-efficient kitchen

With today’s ever-increasing energy costs, restaurant operators are taking a closer look at the energy use of their major kitchen equipment.

Bob Evans makes cage-free eggs pledge

Vowing to serve cage-free eggs only by 2025, the chain will beat competitor Denny’s to the punch by one year.

Most people get depressed at the thought of taking a physical inventory.

While many factors go into a restaurant food safety program, avoiding time-temperature abuse along the supply chain is critical. A variety of equipment, labeling systems and temperature-measurement technology is available to ensure food safety.

Restaurants traditionally rely on chicken and turkey to be menu profit makers. Usually in good supply and always a good buy in relation to other proteins, operators often turn to poultry to keep costs in check when red meats and seafood skyrocket. But that strategy may be dampened in the months ahead.

As interest in beer continues to grow, brews are taking their legitimate place at the table alongside wine as an equally fine complement to food.

The griddle—long the workhorse of interstate truck stops and fast-food burger stands—is quietly finding its way into more restaurants up and down the luxury scale.

ALPHARETTA, GA (August 1, 2011)—F.A.B., Inc. (Frosty Acres Brands), a national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent...

He took the stage like a victorious general and made it clear from the get-go that this would be no ordinary presentation. “I don’t do speeches anymore,” former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi barked to a packed ballroom at the Restaurant Leadership Conference. “I rant.”

ALPHARETTA, GA (February 4, 2013)—F.A.B., Inc. (Frosty Acres Brands), the national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent...

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