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Consumer Trends

After two years of decline, lunch spending set to rebound

After a 4% decline in 2009 and another 3% decline in 2010, lunch daypart sales are set to rebound 2% to $114 billion in 2011. Unemployment and the economic slump caused budget-conscious consumers to cut back on lunch spending in restaurants, but creative marketing and unique offers are spurring them to come back.


Morning beverage service

One of the bright spots in the restaurant industry is the morning daypart. Breakfast generates $42 billion in annual sales or 12 percent of the industry total, estimates Chicago market consultancy, Technomic.

(October 31, 2012)—Legacy Foodservice Alliance, LLC of Glen Allen, VA, and Bellissimo Foods Co., LLC, of Walnut Creek, CA, announce that they have formed a...

The purchase helps the booking site go beyond cars, hotels and flights into restaurant bookings. “It’s the same customers, travelers are diners,” said Priceline CEO Darren Huston.

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