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Starbucks’ mobile app goes down

Mobile orders account for 13% of the coffee giant’s sales.

Emerging Brands

LYFE Kitchen closes original location as unit count dwindles

The once-promising fast casual is down to just four stores.

July sales spiked 9.7%, but large brands are still seeing traffic problems, thanks perhaps to “chain fatigue.”

Jack F. Moran becomes chief operating officer at the growing fast-casual bakery chain.

The fast casual is rolling out a new prototype next month that comes along with a “more community-centric” chain positioning.

This week's head-spinning restaurant moments included a suggestion in court that the "b" in IHOb stood for "bad news for Applebee's." That's just one of the long-shot gambles that came to light as oddsmakers considered the likelihood of restaurants charging into sports betting and who'll win the chain vs. independent bout.

The location, which reportedly sickened more than 600 people, had recently been cited for improper food temperatures.

The fast-casual deal was largely financed by an investment from Panera Bread’s founder.

In short, be happy if you can get someone to take it off your hands, Advice Guy says.

A bacterium found in food left at improper temperatures is to blame for the recent outbreak that sickened nearly 700 in Ohio.

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