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Robotic restaurant Spyce gets $21M

Investors include numerous chefs providing funds to help the concept open locations on the East Coast.


New law ends Michigan’s tip credit—to restaurants’ delight

The restaurant industry believes it has a better chance of keeping the wage break alive if it’s fighting a law instead of a ballot proposal.

The company is serving several items from other countries in Florida.

But comparisons were easy and traffic remains down despite an improving economy.

Investors have speculated that JAB would buy the company, but it would likely require a record price, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The former Potbelly CFO had spent a time as that chain’s interim CEO.

The chain’s focus is still on meats, but with a kicker calling attention to its complete sandwich line.

The celebrity chef says publicity over a sexual harassment lawsuit led to a sales decline and lost development deals.

ExWorks, one of the brand’s lenders, has taken over ownership and named Philip Kaplan CEO.

The 9-Grain Wheat Sub, the sandwich chain’s first bread shake-up in 20 years, features ancient grains.

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